About Us - Salsa Classes

Hello there, my name's Henry Cox and its awesome to welcome you to my website. In reality I'm actually a joiner by trade and I started having a go at making and developing websites almost eight years back. Quite a significant change you might suppose having said that I fell into it very easily and at present it just seems to be "what I do". Even though occasionally I develop internet sites merely for fun, I do however in addition try to earn a little cash out of it (to pay hosting, domain names and so forth). To tell the truth I find it an exilerating challenge, coming up with strategies and applying them.

I believe that I'm not the only guy to have gotten irritated when viewing sites by getting annoying pop-up windows offering up things I do not want and newsletters I will not read, constant adverts rammed in my face that is not relevant to what I am looking for, and also being forced to sign up or login to achieve pretty much anything on the majority of sites. I imagine you feel as I do as soon as the resulting spam emails start showing up and you have no choice but to invest your valuable time every day redirecting this rubbish to the trash?

Well, while you will see some advertisements on this website, it isn't jammed down your throat, you won't see any pop-ups, you certainly will not be asked to sign up or sign in and you will never receive any pointless emails or newsletters. This website isn't dynamic hence stuff isn't going to move about or take a lot of time to load.

Simple, easy to use websites have invariably been my aim, containing webpages that are quick loading and don't contain crap you don't want or need. Hopefully I have achieved this with this site or at the very least you haven't been unhappy with your time here, possibly you'll even have benefited from the experience. If so then I have triumphed in my goal.

I'm not a salsa instructor myself therefore please do not contact me with inquiries regarding salsa classes or to book salsa lessons, the site was designed to lead you through the various ways to identify local salsa classes for yourself.

I can't recommend or endorse any specific service, I've just simply given you some methods for finding one, the choice is ultimately yours to make.

I expect to to welcome you here once again soon and many thanks once more for visiting.